My Bomb Life
My Bomb Life
Life. Travel. And Random Thoughts.

This nickname, given to me by my two brilliant bonus kids, inspired this blog. For those with limited minds, the word “bomb” is an explosive, but for those of us with open, creative minds, “bomb” is outstanding. It represents the stellar, the excellent and the extraordinary.

So, the purpose of this site is simple. Focusing on life (and all that the includes such as love, parenting, work, finances, meal prepping, health, minimalism, time management and goals), travel and my random Aquarius thoughts, I hope to inspire you to see just how bomb your own life is. Remember. Refuel. Regenerate. Take the time to notice the little moments that make your life stellar. Do you have some of the most amazing kids on earth? Is your spouse everything you hoped for and more? Have you seen some of the world’s most beautiful places? What lessons have made you the person you are?

Life is amazing and this friends, is My. Bomb. Life.

Bomb |ˈbäm|

NOUN an outstandingly good person or thing.

ADJECTIVE something highly effective or attractive; a success.