thoughtsSharita Hanley

I'm a Walking Oxymoron and I'm Not Mad about It

thoughtsSharita Hanley
I'm a Walking Oxymoron and I'm Not Mad about It

Nothing makes my blood boil like people trying to fit me into their limited box of who they think I am or even who they think I should be. I mean, who are you to determine my identity for me? And why must I be confined to your limiting labels?

I’m about freedom - in all aspects of life. So don’t label me. I’m full of contradictions and opposing behavior patterns and to be honest, I love that about myself. I’m not so linear, so predictable that the average Joe (or Joanna) can figure me out in less than a minute. It takes time to know me, energy to understand me and a lifetime or two, to see how my contradictions do in fact, fit together.

You see, I am:

  • Stubborn but sacrificing

  • Analytical but compassionate

  • Quiet but have a lot to say

  • Creative but logical

  • Conservative but a free spirit

  • A traveler and a homebody

  • A listener and a daydreamer

  • Scarred but healing

  • Introverted yet social

  • loved and feared

  • skilled and learning

  • mentor and mentee

I have:

  • Faith and doubts

  • Confidence and insecurities

  • Savings and a constant desire to spend

I love:

  • Minimalism and shopping

  • Travelling and being at home

  • Books and movies - first edition paperbacks and newly released ebooks

  • Documentaries and dramas

  • Tupac and Biggie

  • Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

  • Quiet time and having company

  • Nature and technology

  • Face to face conversations and text messages

  • the beach and the mountains

And I REFUSE to let someone, or anyone for that matter, put me in a box.

So there you have it, I’m a walking oxymoron most days and I’m not mad about it.

Actually, I think there are a lot of us out here, being this and that and if you ask me, that’s okay.

While I certainly do believe in absolute truths, a personality is a mix of a bunch of different aspects that make up a person. The more contradictory they are, the more colorful the person.

I, for one, think our world has more than enough room to grow in diversity and enhance the color spectrum.

So, are you a walking oxymoron too?

Sharita Hanley is an emerging writer with a passion for Middle Eastern Cultures. A self-dubbed Modern Scribe, her writing encompasses everything from travel writing to healthy food entries to ethnographic narratives to personal essays to poetry to blogging to case studies to business proposals to random musings.