The Only Resolution You'll Ever Need

The Only Resolution You'll Ever Need

Ugh, the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. You either love them or hate them.

When I was younger, I loved them. They made me feel “adult-like” and organized, planning out my year. I’d sit in my room and start listing out all the things I hoped to accomplish. Sometimes they came to past, sometimes they didn’t. But I kept the tradition going year after year until my mid-twenties.

Almost immediately, I went from ten or more resolutions to zero. That’s not to say, I didn’t have any goals. I did. I just didn’t write them down as part of a ceremonial celebration of a new year. I kept them in my head mostly but that didn’t really work either. Life happened and I’d forget about them. Frustrated, I vented to my husband about how I never seemed to have enough time for me.

“I think people overcomplicate it,” he said simply. “Just do something small everyday.” Slightly annoyed by how easy he made it seemed, I continued my rant. But later that night, I thought about what he said. He was right. His casual comment was the only resolution I ever needed. Of course, I had to add my two cents to his wisdom, so here’s the only resolution you’ll ever need:

Whatever you goal is, do something small to accomplish it everyday even if you have to do it afraid.

Why is this the only resolution you’ll ever need? Because it’s practical, applicable to every single goal you’ll ever have and it forces you to face your fears.

Too often, our goals are way too lofty and grand so we get overwhelmed, afraid and quit. But if we do something small everyday, that’s manageable and if we promise to do it whether we’re afraid or not, it’s 100% more likely to happen. Do it small. Do it everyday. And do it even if you’re scared.

So that’s my goal for the rest of my life.

What about you?

Aren’t you tired of skyscraper resolutions making you feel tiny and insufficient?

It’s as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Identify the goal.

  2. Do something small for it every single day. Even if you’re afraid.

  3. Repeat.

Come the next new year, you’ll look back at all the progress you made and smile, encouraged to keep going. Whether you fully accomplished your goal or not (keep on doing small things if you haven’t), that feeling, beats the sorrow and despair you’d feel with no progress any day.

Do something small. Everyday. Even when you’re afraid. It’s the only resolution you’ll ever need.

Sharita Hanley is an emerging writer with a passion for Middle Eastern Cultures. A self-dubbed Modern Scribe, her writing encompasses everything from travel writing to healthy food entries to ethnographic narratives to personal essays to poetry to blogging to case studies to business proposals to random musings.